Warhorse Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Warhorse Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Contains ingredients chosen for their integrity and strength in cutting grit and dirt, while remaining gentle to the surface.

Safe for use on metal, aluminum, fiberglass, brass, alloys, vinyl & rubber. Safe on hands, skin, leather, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, gelcoat.

Will not irritate skin. No fumes. No phosphates. Biodegradable, non-toxic to people and planet.

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Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner will leave your car, trailer, motorcycle, boat, or RV with an awesome shine that even repels future dirt. Perfect for large facilities who want to eliminate toxic fumes from commercial cleaning products. Powers through many dirty jobs, including flyspecks on siding, dirty saddle pads (without harming waterproofing), painted walls, wood furniture, and concrete floors.  Cleans and shines items from kitchen counter tops to cement trucks.

Ingredients: Glycerin, saponified vegetable oils, water, citric acid (fruit acid), lemon verbena essential oil.

Directions: Dilute using a 32 oz Spray Bottle or 5 Gallon Bucket

All Purpose Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning (Tubs, showers, tile, counter tops, kitchen appliances, painted or wallpapered walls, wood furniture, exterior vinyl, wood siding, flyspecks, porches, railings, pet kennels, containers, trash cans, adhesive or glue stains, laundry pre-treat for grass or grease stains): Add 3 oz of Warhorse to a 32 oz spray bottle and fill with water.

Wood, Tile, Laminate, Painted Floors: 1/2 oz per Gallon of water. Rinse with clean, damp mop or cloth.

Extra Greasy Jobs (Ovens, grills, tire rims, engines, camper tops): Add 16 oz Warhorse to a 32 oz spray bottle and fill with water.

Vehicle Wash (Cars, trucks, boats, horse trailers, utility trucks, off road vehicles, RV's, motorcycles, golf carts, dirt bikes): 1 oz of Warhorse per Gallon of water (Adjust as necessary).  Because glycerin is a natural solvent, dilution is necessary to avoid removing wax finishes.  A mix of 6 oz per gallon of water will help resist contaminants adhering to or rusting metal surfaces and make the next cleaning easier.

Laundry (Pet and horse blankets, greasy rags, grass, dirt stains): Add 1 oz per load in washing machine

Greasy Hands: Full strength