Loyal Pet Power

Loyal Pet Power

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Natural supplement for improved appetite & digestion

  • Improves Appetite for Better Growth
  • Ensures Proper Digestion and Protects Intestinal Mucosa
  • With Organic Ingredients


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Loyal Power is the daily foundational supplement for your pet. Using a balanced formula, Power provides key nutrients and co-factors for respiration, digestion, energy, elimination, joints, bones, teeth, and connective tissue. Rich in fiber, omega essential fatty acids (EFA) and bioavailable minerals, it provides your pet with the daily nutrition required to live healthy, happily and perform at their best.

Directions: 2.5 g (1 teaspoon) / 10 lbs of your pet’s weight. Mix into food daily. If using in dry food, mix with a little water and blend liquid into food. Ensure your pet has free access to water.           

Ingredients: Bee Pollen, Kelp, Psyllium, Stabilized Flax, Zeolite, Apple, Chlorophyll, Probiotics (Bacillus Coagulans).