Loyal Pet Agility

Loyal Pet Agility

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Joint care supplement to support daily health and post-exercise recovery

  • Joint, Tendon, and Ligament support

  • With Organic Ingredients

  • Guaranteed results in 7-10 days!


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Loyal’s Agility is the most effective natural joint supplement available for pets. It is 100% natural and bioavailable, providing anti-inflammatory support for joints and connective tissue as well bone development. The key to its effectiveness is the complex combination of active ingredients, each with its specific function, in a carefully balanced formula. Guaranteed results.

Directions: 1 g (1 teaspoon) / 10 lbs of your pet’s weight. Mix into food daily. If using dry food, mix with a bit of water and blend liquid into food. Ensure your pet has free access to water.

Ingredients: Stabilized Flax, Kelp, Apple, Egg Shell Membrane, Turmeric, Zeolite, Black Pepper.