Loyal Equine Agility

Loyal Equine Agility

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Equine joint care supplement to support daily health.

  • Joint, Tendon, and Ligament support

  • With Organic Ingredients

  • Guaranteed results in 7-10 days!

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Loyal Equine Agility is the most effective natural joint supplement available for horses. It is 100% natural and bioavailable, providing support for joints and connective tissue and bones. The key to its effectiveness is the complex combination of active ingredients, each with its specific function, in a carefully balanced formula. Guaranteed results.

Directions: Mix 1 bag (100g) Loyal Equine Agility (based on 1000lb horse, smaller horses should be given corresponding smaller amounts) daily into compound feed. It is recommended that you do not soften first and do not mix in wet feed prior to feeding. Ensure the horse has free access to water.

Ingredients: Stabilized Flax, Kelp, Apple, Egg Shell Membrane, Tumeric, Zeolite, Black Pepper.